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A fascinating family diary

Just finished designing and printing another delightful book, this time about a young carpenter from Devon who left his home town in 1862 to seek his fortune in London.  Two weeks before he left home he began a diary.

His great-grandson, Crispin Paine, uses the diary to build a picture of life for a young craftsman in Victorian London, augmenting it with his own research. It gives a fascinating glimpse, not just of the booming building trade – but of London life at the time: the music halls and exhibitions, the parks and open spaces, the novelty of the new Underground, as well as the life of young immigrants to the city and what Crispin Paine describes as “their surprisingly modern relationships”. A marked contrast, it seems, from the predictable rhythms of the sleepy little country town he left behind.

Because of the printing press we use, and the very high quality of paper, even the oldest etchings and photographs have reproduced with a wonderful clarity.  It’s been great fun to work on. A real pleasure.

Most of the books we produce are not for retail – they are for family and friends to enjoy, but every now and then a client will make their family history available to the public. I know this one is for sale, so if you’d be interested in getting a copy you can contact Crispin Paine at or phone him on 01730 893750.

“Lifeline’s great strength is their commitment to quality and attention to detail.” Crispin Paine

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