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A new service to help you publish your memoirs on-line

March 2017

There was a time when self-publishing was considered rather infra dig. But not now. Everyone is doing it – from established authors, to those who just want to see their work in book form.  So why not you? Well, maybe because you can’t face the hassle of learning all the technical stuff that goes with it.

That’s where we come in.  We can not only help you with the writing of your memoir, should you wish, we can design the cover in just the way you want it, and then transform your work into an e-book for Kindle and other e-readers and a print version for print-on-demand.  Check out the details here, and then do ring for a chat if you have a project you think we can help you with.  You can contact me on 01892 512323 or email

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