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Thanks to Kindle books and printing on line you no longer need the services of a commercial publisher.  But the thought of learning the technical stuff to make it happen is daunting.  We can do that for you.  We have an experienced team who can help you write your memoir and turn it into an attractive manuscript to down load, either as a print-on-demand, or a Kindle edition.

Meet our team:

Rebecca de Saintonge is an experienced journalist and author.  She can work with you, either as a mentor to help with the writing, or as a ghost writer. Find out about her work as a ghost-writer and the Memoir Writing courses she runs on-line.

Tamsin Carter is co-founder of Pynto Ltd. A hugely talented designer with a particular interest in typography.  She has worked with LifeLines Press since the beginning and been widely praised for her creativity and ability to interpret the needs of clients with understanding and sensitivity.  She will discuss your cover ideas with you, working with any photographs or illustrations you may like, or suggesting designs from scratch.

Patsy Trench is the one who will take the agony of technology away from you by turning your manuscript into both an e-book for Kindle and other e-readers and a printed version for print-on-demand.  She will also advise you on how to upload your book onto Amazon.

Additional Service

Once published – you need to sell.

LifeLines will not undertake to market your book, but we are happy to write the book description for you, and help you set up an Author’s Page.