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Do you need a Ghost?

The important thing about a ghost writer is that they remain a ghost.  It is not their voice or personality that should be heard in the text, only yours. It’s also very important that you feel comfortable with your ‘ghost”. Read more

Rebecca de Saintonge has had many years of experience as a journalist, biographer and ghost-writer.  This is how it works:

The first meeting is free of charge so that you can discuss what you have in mind, who your memoir is for and what the story is you want to tell. A Rebecca will also explain in detail how she works, and the fee structure.

If , having met, you agree to go ahead, she will plan with you the first recording session.   This first session will be written up for you to comment on before any further work is done so that you can decide whether you are happy to continue.

Recording sessions usually last between one hour and an hour and a half.  You will be sent the write-up of that session to read before you next meet in case their are any additions or alterations you wish to make.

How much will it all cost?

How long is your memoir!  The first meeting is free of charge, we ask only that you pay for any travel involved.  After that the recording sessions are £40 an hour plus travel, and the subsequent writing and editing is charged at £35 an hour.

There are no contracts, and you are free to stop at any time.  At your first meeting Rebecca will be able to give you some idea of over-all costs which depend, obviously, on what you are hoping to write about.

For a chat about any of this, contact Rebecca either by email:   Or ring 01892 512323.