Afrikaners in need of a hero

A little while ago I received an unexpected email from an Afrikaner asking me if I could re-print my biography of the extraordinary Nico Smith, the Afrikaner anti-apartheid fighter who risked his life in the struggle for black justice.  Since the fall of apartheid, he wrote,  the Dutch Reformed Church had lost many members who felt angry that they had been misled and misguided.  They needed to know that there were some Afrikaners who had stood out against the rest.  One such was Nico Smith. As a result OUTSIDE THE GATE: A white man’s fight for black justice in South Africa, is now available on kindle, and will soon be available as a paperback.  Both have a new introduction from Douglas S. Bax, Moderator Emeritus of the Presbyterian Church of South Africa, and an endorsement from Professor Piet Naude who wrote: “As South Africans struggle at the current moment to live beyond our trenches of race, gender and especially class, this book is a must read to inspire us to move beyond the enclaves that hold us captive… I warmly recommend a re-edition of this book.”

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