A woman with an Interesting Past

Another fun workshop with The Oldie Magazine.  The day was devoted to aspects of journalism – travel writing, blogging and writing reviews. My session was on the techniques of interviewing – how to ask questions (and how not to ask questions) and, most importantly, the art of listening.  Not always as obvious at it may seem.

These Oldie courses are always great fun. If you haven’t been on one yet, and can get to London, give it go. The punters are always fascinating, and yesterday we had a particularly interesting crew – among them a circuit judge, a farmer, a couple of physicians, a probation officer, a Woman with an Interesting Past (which she was delightfully unrestrained in telling us about), a couple of secretaries, a former woman priest, and a whole handful of others whose common denominator was not just a desire to write better, but a wonderful sense of humour.  But what else would you expect from Oldie Readers?  These events are usually rounded off by Jeremy Lewes, the deputy editor, whose gift as a raconteur is second to none.

If you’re interested in writing, and want your confidence and spirits lifted – join us.  I guarantee you’ll leave with your feet dancing on the pavements, and your imagination fired up and ready to go!

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