Our initial consultation is free of charge. We do like to meet you face to face if possible so that you can see the books we produce and judge their quality, and so that we can best understand what you’d like. We ask only for travel costs to be met. After that communication is done by phone or email. If further face to face meetings are necessary, then we would charge an hourly rate of £40 plus any fares.

Book production

Because each book is tailor-made for you, the price will vary according to the quality and style of binding you choose as well as the length of your manuscript, the page size, the number of any photographs involved, the print run and any additional services you require.


We can print any number of books, starting from a single edition, but obviously the more you have, the lower the unit cost. Since these are bespoke articles, however, utterly unique to you and your family, it is more realistic to think of them not in terms of individual books, but as family heirlooms! Which indeed they are.

If you contact us we can talk through your ideas and give you an estimate. Our pricing is transparent, with no hidden costs. We will try to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs, but for an average length of book with a small print run  you should reckon on a starting price of about £1,500.

For specific details of payments and pricing, please see How it all works

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Editorial Costs

We specialise in offering personal editorial help. Our rate is £40 an hour for most editorial work. Work on sorting and writing up family histories may cost a little more. Ghost writing costs vary hugely depending on the amount of work involved. It’s best to chat this over with us.

Workshop fees

The cost of an all-day workshop is £300 plus travel expenses. If there are less than four participants, this will increase slightly. Contact us for more information.

To find out how to make a book with LifeLines Press see How it all works.