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Design & Layout

Every book we produce is unique. We never use templates. When working on the design we try to reflect the period of the text and the personal tastes of the author. After discussing ideas with you we produce a number of possibilities for you to choose from.

Here are some examples;

In 1862 Crispin Paine’s great-grandfather left his sleepy home town in Devon to seek his fortune in London.  There he kept a diary which revealed fascinating aspects of the life of an immigrant artisan in Victorian England.  Crispin Paine augmented the diary with his own research to make this delightful book.

”Lifeline’s great strength is their commitment to quality and attention to detail.”Crispin Paine

This family history is elegantly bound in slate-green book cloth with hand marbled end papers.

All our paperback editions have individually designed covers, often using your photographs as illustrations. For ‘China Revisited’ we superimposed one photograph on top of another.

We offer a variety of designs and colour schemes for you to choose from.

Three design options for a book cover

This was a tiny memoir, not really long enough for a book, so we set and bound it as a modern version of a Victorian pocket book. It’s only 6 x 4 inches.
pocket book memoir

Have just received the books. They are lovely!!! Thank you very much for everything.”David Cornwall

Inside pages from George & Mildred and MeBrian Cooke, the writer of many famous sitcoms, including George and Mildred, is also a well-loved cartoonist.

I am delighted with my LifeLines editions. Their work is more a labour of love than a business transaction.” Brian Cooke

A slightly quirky layout added fun to his memoirs and illustrate how we try to reflect the personality and tastes of the author and the subject matter in our designs.

George & Mildred and Me cover

This family wanted their emblem on the cover and chose a modern version of a traditional layout that sets the text within generous margins giving a feeling of elegance and space.

The children and grandchildren are delighted with their books, and were caught completely by surprise!”Mike Courtenay

paperback book example

Sue Moore is a tireless fundraiser for the Parkinsons’ Society and wanted to get her memoir printed before undergoing major brain surgery. Her courageous book has done much to raise awareness both of the disease and possible treatments. Her operation was successful.

LifeLines transformed my short autobiography into a book of which I am immensely proud.   There are insufficient words to express my satisfaction.”
Sue Moore

Travelogues give scope for more creative layouts. Like this Safari Journal, they can be mostly pictures with captions, or they can be text based manuscripts with photographs and illustrations inserted.

To find out how to make a book with LifeLines Press see How it all works.

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