Morphing into science fiction

2 August 2018

In my bleakest moments I envisage human society morphing into a sci-fi movie as human beings cease to become fully human, reaching out to workmates and friends only through plasma screens across an immensity of darkness. Friends birthday? Just click “Happy Birthday” on FB – job done. Want to talk? Send a text. Who needs a voice. I watched three girls walking along a London shopping street the other day. Each one was on their phone. No word passed between them. Hello? Same planet? Ok, so maybe I’m just old.

But what a joy one hot and lethargic day this week to have a phone call from a community project based in a seaside town near my home. Would I consider creating a book for them for a Heritage project they were trying to secure? Sounded good, and when I looked at their site I was bowled over.

“Community Stuff” is inspirational. The breadth and vision of their work in the community – so imaginative, fun based, creative, all inclusive – was breathtaking. For anyone mourning the loss of community, or wanting to think of ways to stimulate community projects to involve absolutely everyone, including those who are normally on the edge of our lives – then visit their website. You’ll be knocked out by it. This is human communication at it’s most lively, joyful and empowering.  Have a look –

Would I consider working with them? You bet I would….. feel more human already…..

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