by Rebecca de Saintonge

Having spent so much of my working life helping other writers with their memoirs, I’m delighted that my own, ONE YELLOW DOOR, is to be published by Dartman Longman and Todd in October.  Although it’s quite a short book – only 50,000 words – it took ten years to live and a further ten years to write.  As you may know, books are reviewed well in advance of publication so that suitable quotes can be printed on the dust covers.  Sara Maitland has already read the text, and this is what she said about it.

A small book about all the truly big things:  love, loss, tragedy, joy, purpose, pain and laughter. It is – sometimes shockingly – candid, often very beautiful and shot through with courage, faith and a fierce heart-breaking tenderness.

More about ONE YELLOW DOOR nearer the time!

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